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Ronald L. Greenblatt, the managing partner of Greenblatt, Pierce, Funt and Flores, LLC is one of the most respected and sought-after attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Greenblatt has successfully litigated over 1,000 criminal trials on charges ranging from homicide, homicide by vehicle, sexual assault, serious drug offenses, fraud and other white-collar crimes, internet crimes, and DUI/DWI, including cases involving the insanity defense. After years of experience, Mr. Greenblatt knows the criminal justice system from the inside out including the judges, prosecutors, members of the police force, and investigators associated with his cases. He regularly lectures to his fellow attorneys and judges on both trial technique and changes in the law. Attorneys throughout the region refer their clients to Mr. Greenblatt with confidence – due to both his outstanding track record and his tireless work ethic.

Since the age of 20, Mr. Greenblatt has sought to protect the rights of men and women. In 1981, he became one of the youngest union shop stewards in U.S. history when he was elected shop steward for New Jersey Restaurant Local 54 (now Local 33). In this position, he fought grievances brought against his fellow union members and filed grievances on behalf of union members. Upon his graduation from law school, Mr. Greenblatt joined the Defender Association of Philadelphia. There, he handled the defense and trials of hundreds of accused men and women and was one of only two lawyers appointed to the prestigious Special Defense Unit (SDU). While in this unit, he received specialized training in forensics, including accident reconstruction, DNA, fingerprint, ballistics, and training in the use of forensic psychiatry and psychology in the defense of criminal cases – all of which he relies on today to build his cases. He has also received training in media relations in connection with successfully trying some of the area’s highest profile cases.

In addition to managing his criminal practice, Mr. Greenblatt co-manages the firm’s extensive civil rights practice with Patricia V. Pierce. They have handled claims of police misconduct that have resulted in wrongful arrest, prosecution, and incarceration as well as traumatic injury of their clients. Mr. Greenblatt and Ms. Pierce have successfully represented GPFF’s clients in state and federal court actions that have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars. Additionally, Mr. Greenblatt works with Ms. Pierce on her class action and employment discrimination cases.

Today, after 30 years of practice, Mr. Greenblatt is one of the leaders of the criminal defense bar in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and he is highly engaged in service to the profession. He is a past vice president of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and is the immediate past chairperson of PACDL’s Philadelphia Chapter, where he still serves on its executive committee. He is a founding member and master of the Philadelphia Inn of Criminal Court, where he is on the executive committee, planning committee, and serves as secretary. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Defender Association of Philadelphia Alumni Association and an active member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey, and the Camden County Bar Association.

He has been given the prestigious AV rating by the Martindale-Hubbell ratings service. This rating means that he is one of the preeminent lawyers in his field as determined by lawyers and judges in the criminal law field. He has also been named a Super Lawyer in both Pennsylvania nd New Jersey; making him one of the few lawyers to be named a Super Lawyer in both states. He also rated as a Best Lawyer. However, probably even more telling about his expertise, Mr. Greenblatt is regularly asked to lecture to judges as well as to other criminal defense lawyers, new prosecutors, and even Rutgers and Temple law students on adult and juvenile criminal law subjects. A graduate of Rutgers University School of Law, Mr. Greenblatt also received his B.A. from Rutgers University where he majored in economics and minored in accounting.

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Professional Memberships & Leadership Positions:

  • Past chairperson of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the organization that represents criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia
  • Member of the board of directors for the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys – 2011 -present
  • Founding member, current executive committee member and Master of the Philadelphia Inn of Criminal Court
  • Defender Association of Philadelphia Alumni Association, executive board member
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, member board of trustees
  • Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey
  • Philadelphia Bar Association-Criminal Justice section
  • Camden County Bar Association-Criminal Justice section
  • Commonwealth v SN – Prominent artist accused of rape- Jury trial acquittal on all charges-Montgomery County, PA
  • Commonwealth v JK – Woman accused of Aggravated Assault on police officer after she was tasered at her own home- Jury Trial acquittal on all charges-Montgomery County, PA
  • Commonwealth v DC – Man accused of homicide – Jury acquittal of all charges-Philadelphia, PA
  • Commonwealth v RM – Step-father accused of Rape during custody battle- acquitted of all charges-Philadelphia (numerous other acquittals with similar fact pattern)
  • Commonwealth v JZ – Defendant accused of DUI and striking a pedestrian while driving. Used accident reconstructionist to show pedestrian was at fault. All charges except the DUI dismissed. Philadelphia, PA
  • Commonwealth v SP – Defendant accused of assaulting guards and resisting state police at Harrah’s Casino acquitted of all charges- Delaware County, PA
  • Commonwealth v John Doe – Defendant, a cadet at Valley Forge Military Academy, charged with Aggravated Assault against his captain. Jury trial acquittal of all charges. Delaware County, PA
  • Commonwealth v AM – star basketball player accused of rape-all charges dismissed.
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  • Justification and the Castle Doctrine-July 2012
  • Handling the Municipal Court Case- PBI 2008
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  • Justification and the Castle Doctrine-Pennsylvania Council of State Trial Judges, July 2012
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