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Alternative/Litigation Dispute Resolution

With the ever increasing cost of litigation, parties are turning at ever increasing rates to Alternative/Litigation Dispute Resolution processes to fairly settle their disputes in a cost effective way. GPFF offers one of the regions most respected Resolution Specialists with proven abilities to help the litigants resolve their cases both fairly and expeditiously.

Peter F. Vaira, Esquire is one of our country’s preeminent lawyers and he now serves as Special Counsel to Greenblatt, Pierce, Funt & Flores, LLC (GPFF). During Mr. Vaira’s over 50 years of practice he has handled the most complex criminal and civil matters in state and federal court, having earned him a well-known reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in the region. Mr. Vaira is also a widely sought after arbitrator, mediator, special master, and independent hearing officer with numerous years of experience in the field of litigation dispute resolution. Mr. Vaira is a member of the Pennsylvania, Illinois, and District of Columbia Bars and he is a certified national and international arbitrator who serves as a Special Master in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Commerce Court program and who previously acted as the Independent Hearing Officer for the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Mr. Vaira has heard over 200 labor style arbitrations as the Independent Hearing Officer of the Laborer’s International union of North America, a post created by the Department of Justice and the union to set up a democratic method of dealing with trusteeships, internal discipline, and election protests. Many of the arbitrations lasted a week of hearing days, with both sides represented by major law firms. He is also a Chartered Arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, dealing with mediation and arbitrations before international arbitral organizations. He is also a Chartered Arbitrator of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, dealing with mediation and arbitrations before international arbitral organizations.

Peter Vaira has acted as a discovery master, mediator, arbitrator, fact finder, receiver ad litem, and a receiver in liquidation for litigants in the Commerce Court Program of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. As a special hearing master, whose fees are shared by the parties, Mr. Vaira has handled discovery disputes involving privileged documents, disqualification of counsel issues, disputes over the failure to respond to document production, inadvertent disclosures of privileged material, and motions for sanctions. Mr. Vaira will respond quickly to requests for relief and will schedule hearings to suit the specific needs of the parties.

Recently, Mr. Vaira was appointed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to serve as the Executive Director of a Commission formed to investigate the Department of Licenses and Inspections subsequent to a tragic building collapse in Center City Philadelphia. Mr. Vaira also has served as a court appointed arbitrator in the Fen Phen Diet Drug Class Action settlement in Philadelphia, and he is a certified mediator for the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Mr. Vaira is the author of Eastern District Federal Practice Rules, published annually by Gann Law Books.

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