Wallace v. Tacony Academy Charter School, et al

Philadelphia – May 5, 2020 – GPFF Attorneys Patricia Pierce and Noah Cohen filed a civil action today on behalf of Jean Wallace, a respected and accomplished educator and administrator whose work has benefited thousands of teachers and students over two decades, against her former employer, American Paradigm Schools (APS), a charter school management organization based in Philadelphia, its client, Tacony Academy Charter School (TACS), also of Philadelphia, and administrators from both institutions for defamation and violations of the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Act. Both TACS and APS are funded by taxpayer dollars as part of the public school system.

Ms. Wallace was employed by APS as its Science Curriculum Advisor and charged with the responsibility of helping the students and teachers in charter schools managed by APS build robust science curricula. When she discovered and exposed the fact that the elementary and middle school students at TACS were not being  provided with a standards-aligned curriculum, and were failing to meet state mandated requirements set by law, TACS administrators publicly accused her of incompetence and branded her as a liar both within and outside of the APS-managed schools. When Ms. Wallace demanded and was denied a retraction and a public apology from TACS for impugning her reputation and was also left unsupported within APS by its CEO Gerald Santilli, her ability to carry out her responsibilities was irreparably injured, causing her constructive discharge. Ms. Wallace has sued seeking a public retraction and apology from TACS and APS, together with money damages and fees and costs.

Click here to access a copy of the filed complaint.